Partner switched to processing orders through EDI which caused them to start receiving shortages, chargebacks and price discrepancies. They stopped receiving payment transfers from Amazon into their bank account.


OeP assisted in reviewing the EDI setup and process. Reviewed all operating procedures and helped implement new procedures. OeP submitted disputes for all shortages, chargebacks and price discrepancies. Created open item statements for any items that were over 60 days old. Contacted Amazon about the partners banking information.


EDI Corrected: Working with the EDI provider, OeP was able to determine that EDI was not transmitting the proper codes. Transmission errors were corrected.


Operational Procedures: New operating procedures were created to prevent future shortages and chargebacks.


Adjusted the timeline of operations


New labeling requirements


Implemented new shipping procedures




Over $215,000.00 was repaid from shortages, chargebacks and price discrepancies.


Over $2,000,000.00 in remittances were released for payment to the partner from Amazon.


Overall: OeP was able to resolve the issues, implement new policies and procedures and recover all outstanding payments in a time frame of 2 months.