Full Circle creates beautiful home care products for everyday families to promote health and order in their homes and the one home we all share. They sell home and kitchen products made from recycled materials that take less energy to produce and don’t contain harmful chemicals. Full Circle teamed up with OeP to enhance its presence on Amazon and grow overall sales.


We identified room for improvement in overall rank within respective product subcategories and the need to fast-track product launch to market.


We refocused their AMS to take a highly targeted, category keyword approach and began shipping safety stock into FBA to support retail on new product launches.


The first month with AMS resulted in immediate 30% month-over-month increase in sales. We continued to optimize this strategy outpacing previous growth rates eventually achieving 121% year-over-year growth with five key products organically surfacing on page 1 of the Amazon search results for top category keywords. When Full Circle approached us with their first key product launch since partnering, we supplemented an initial retail purchase orders with FBA inventory to drive 190% monthly increase.