Australian Gold is a sun care experience company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. They formulate their products to feel pleasant on the skin, make you look good while you're wearing them, and smell amazing wherever your day takes you. With over 25 years of sun care experience, their formulas provide unsurpassed sun protection but don't include unnecessary chemicals or animal testing.


Australian Gold first approached OeP in early 2016 to get help growing its Amazon business. After evaluating their operations, it became clear that there were broken processes and unfamiliarity with Amazon prep and shipping requirements. They were incurring substantial chargebacks that were negatively impacting their sales growth and bottom-line revenue.


OeP worked with their marketing POC and warehouse personnel to educate them on best practices and operational requirements with Amazon. OeP scheduled weekly reviews to cover new learnings, developments, and answer additional questions to ensure the discussed process improvements were being implemented accordingly.


In H1 of 2016, No Carton Content Label chargebacks made up 4% of total shipped COGS. In H2 of 2016, OeP was able to decrease No Carton Content Label chargebacks to be nearly 0% of total shipped COGS. Alternatively, Australian Gold was assessed just 2% of the chargeback in H2 2016 compared to the total in H1 2016. Today, the No Carton Content Label chargeback continues to be a virtually nonexistent issue.