Jon comes to OeP from FlexiVan Leasing as VP of Finance and Accounting. Prior to that, Jon was the CFO at Friendship Village, a continuing care retirement community in Tempe, AZ. Previously, Jon spent 11 years at the wealth management company Keats, Connelly, and Associates, where he served as COO responsible for finance and IT. Prior to that, Jon spent 11 years at the international marketing research firm, Research International USA, Inc. a division of WPP Group PLC, as their North America Financial Controller. Jon is experienced in integrating technological solutions to the accounting and finance functions as well as enterprise financial system implementation. He holds both CPA and CITP professional certifications. Interests include aviation and auto racing. Jon has a commercial pilot license and was a high-performance driving instructor in local racing clubs. Jon met his wife in college, and they share interests in fitness training, auto racing – Formula One in particular – and travel.

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